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The #1 Comprehensive HOAManagement Software 

TownSq is the industry-leading software purpose-built for Management Companies and HOAs.

Our premium online services allow managers and board members to track accounting and financials, communicate more efficiently, and streamline the entire community management process from top to bottom with intuitive features designed for ease-of-use.

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With TownSq,

Management Companies streamline processes by...

  • Managing finances (C3)
  • Managing vendor relationships
  • Managing multiple properties at once
  • Managing the resale process (Community Archives)
  • Boosting management efficiency & reduce HOA churn
  • Optimizing performance by saving community managers’ time
  • Growing the business with data intelligence that identifies gaps
  • Improving customer service by seeing team performance & community trends                                              

Features for Management Companies with Multiple Communities


Data Intelligence

Organization Manager

Individual Communities

  • Manage an entire portfolio from one screen at your desk or on-the-go;
  • Broadcast multi-client announcements;
  • Support centralized customer service teams with built-in ticketing functions.
  • Access to resident satisfaction reporting;
  • Understand manager and community trends as well as where to improve;
  • Benchmark manager and community performance across the entire client base.
  • Control multi-association and portfolio access in one place;
  • Create company-level roles for global access to all your clients.
  • Decrease customer service ticket times and team training times simultaneously.
  • Give every community under your umbrella access to the TownSq app;
  • Let homeowners and boards communicate and collaborate;
  • Oversee individual communities down to a board member or homeowner scale.

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