Streamline the Architectural Review Process with TownSq!

TownSq’s Architectural Request solution is here to help eliminate unnecessary stress and provide the easiest architecture review process for communities. From the homeowner’s project submission to the committee’s approval, every step is in your TownSq account.

Paperless. Efficient. Smart.

How Architectural Requests Work

Receive projects from homeowners

  • Homeowners instantly submit on TownSq
  • Customize the forms according to your HOA’s needs and regulations
  • Automatically keep track of all projects

Committee evaluates submissions

  • Real-time interactions between administrators and homeowners
  • Comments may be labeled private or shared amongst the group
  • Instant email and push notification updates

Committee voting

  • Keep up with the voting status
  • Define voting group and voting window
  • Automatically or manually approve projects according to your HOA’s voting conditions

Generate letter and send results

  • Review and publish decision letter
  • Generate reports
  • Save time!

Get the most out of Architecture Requests

Attach Blueprints or Schematics

Through the TownSq app, architectural requests are seamless, easy, and quick. Using the unique feature, homeowners can share new project ideas with the committee and board, as well as upload documents related to the project, including blueprints, floorplans, and dimensional guides, and can include specific details like colors, materials, and location. 

Online Voting & Reports

During the pandemic, people have been stuck at home which has created a significant increase in home improvement, landscaping, and do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. But, if you live in an HOA community, these new projects will have to be approved by your board, and that is where TownSq can help kickstart your fixer-upper plans quickly and efficiently by allowing your board to vote directly on your ideas in the TownSq app.

“After watching communities spend hours handling architectural requests manually, or even having to navigate in multiple systems, TownSq came up with this easy yet novel way to make the request process easier for homeowners and managers. We have already launched the product to twelve management companies and over one thousand associations in just the first month alone, and look forward to rapid growth.”

– João David, CEO, 


Eliminate Unnecessary Stress by Providing the Easiest Requests and Review Processes for Communities.

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