Improve your Property Management Company results today

TownSq Business simplifies the daily process of Property Management Companies so that you can focus on what's important, growing business and strengthening relationships.


Why TownSq Business?

Organization Manager


Data Intelligence

  • Broadcast multi-channel announcements to all or selected communities in seconds
  • Support a centralized customer service team with built-in ticketing functions
  • Manage one association or your entire portfolio in one easy-to-access app
  • Create company-level roles for easily managed permissions to all of your clients
  • Understand manager and community trends
  • See resident satisfaction reporting
  • Benchmark manager and community performance across your entire client base

By being able to manage your entire property portfolio on one single platform, it not only saves you time, but that time savings allows you to focus on your community and what matters most to them; thereby resulting in a better community experience.

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Driving Efficiency, Transparency and Harmony in Your Community

Each one of your communities will gain access to TownSq with TownSq Business.

  • Establish transparency & collaboration
  • Streamline your daily responsibilities
  • Improve safety in your community
  • Reduce your community's costs
  • Customize amenity bookings

Not sure if TownSq Business is for you right now? That's not a problem. We're happy to speak with you and answer any questions you have about our products. 

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