Find out How Goodwin & Co. Property Management Streamlined Communication for their Clients

Decrease Website Design Time by 83%

75% Decrease in Support Response Time 

Maintained Retention Rate at 98%

72% Decrease in Team Training Times


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Get the most out of your Management Company

Optimize Performance. Increase the level of customer service, allowing retention and growth in your customer base. Boost revenue without increasing costs.

Organization Manager

Save Time

Manage one association or an entire portfolio, all from your smartphone. Gain the ability to create company-level roles to easily manage permissions for clients.

Save property managers' time.

Managers can easily access messages, manage requests, and communicate with their entire portfolio in one place.


Increase Customer Service

Broadcast multi-channel announcements to all or selected customers in a matter of seconds. Keeping clients and customers informed has never been easier.

Reduce churn and improve satisfaction by knowing who your most stable clients are and the communities needing special attention.

Data Intelligence

Boost Revenue

Get instant access to trends in your clientele, monitor resident satisfaction, and most importantly benchmark manager and community performance across your entire client base.

Transform your property management company into a data-driven organization, using metrics and KPIs to measure the health of each community and identify gaps to improve and grow your business.

“It’s exciting to see the evolution of TownSq as the premier communication tool in the community association industry. The team behind TownSq continues to innovate with helpful new features that help better serve our clients. Their latest feature release makes it even easier to collaborate as a team to efficiently resolve homeowner requests. Keep up the great work TownSq!”

– Mitch Krauss, VP Community Management, 

   Goodwin & Company


The #1 Property Management Software on the Market

Centralize all communication in one place and make it easier for managers to communicate with boards and residents within seconds, from anywhere. Start saving over 8 business hours per week for each of your community managers while having data and insights to use as a competitive advantage. How can you differentiate your services even more for your communities? With TownSq Business comes TownSq Community, an exclusive, all-in-one application for residents and boards. Hit the button below and see TownSq Business in action with the free Case Study.

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