Digital Voting by TownSq 

Digital Voting by TownSq allows users in communities across the United States to make important decisions in an easy-to-use & highly intuitive collaborative environment. With Digital Voting, community board members can create online polls via the TownSq app that allow their homeowners to vote on any topic from the comfort of their smartphone, desktop computer, or tablet. 

Create a Vote

Capture Real-time Results

Gather Data & Make Decisions

Gain the ability to create a poll regarding any topic quickly & efficiently via the TownSq App.

Track the progress of a vote and display results in graphical form to ensure the best decision is made.

Make data-driven decisions based upon votes to ensure community feedback always matters.

Tools & Permissions





full access, set use parameters

vote on decisions, leave feedback

Easily Meet Quorum

Vote from anywhere

Hassle-free Set Up

Increased participation

Increase Transparency

Make your voice heard

Drive Engagement

Push notifications

Limit Printing and Mailing

Leave comments & feedback

All-in-one Software

Abstain from voting

All Data Stored in One Place

Access results

Access Latest Trends

Vote based on unit fraction

Report & Make Decisions

Access attachments


Use Digital Voting to Build a Better Community

When HOA community associations begin utilizing Digital Voting by TownSq, they gain the ability to make more informed decisions driven by the voice of the homeowners, leading to a more successful community build upon the backbone of happy and satisfied residents. 


Get Digital Voting in your Community

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