Architectural Review by TownSq 

TownSq’s architectural solution is here to help eliminate unnecessary stress and provide the easiest architecture request and review system for communities. From the homeowner’s project submission to the committee’s approval, every step is in your TownSq account. Access our free eBook about Archs when you sign up for a demo!

Paperless. Efficient. Smart.

Evaluate Projects

Committee Voting

Decide & Provide Results

Homeowners submit project plans to community boards via TownSq for review and approval.

Boards can view all project details and discuss approval/denial directly within TownSq.

Community boards send project approval results & ask questions/recommend changes.

Tools & Permissions





full scale review and approval system

upload blueprints & schematics for review

Review online

Submit projects

Vote/Discuss digitally

Upload blueprints

Access Blueprints

Address comments

Submit comments

Keep up with project status

Add recommendations

Email & Push notifications

Provide status online

Communication w/ boards

Decrease need for meetings

Access results


Use Arch Review to Build a Better Community

Attach Blueprints or Schematics

Through the TownSq app, architectural requests are seamless, easy, and quick. Using the unique feature, homeowners can share new project ideas with the committee and board, as well as upload documents related to the project, including blueprints, floorplans, and dimensional guides, and can include specific details like colors, materials, and location. 

Online Voting & Reports

During the pandemic, people have been stuck at home which has created a significant increase in home improvement, landscaping, and do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. But, if you live in an HOA community, these new projects will have to be approved by your board, and that is where TownSq can help kickstart your fixer-upper plans quickly and efficiently by allowing your board to vote directly on your ideas in the TownSq app.


Get Architectural Review in your Community

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