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Streamline and standardize financial management for your communities

ATG a TownSq solution offers software solutions designed to increase efficiency and enhance effectiveness backed by comprehensive, hands-on support. Seamlessly and conveniently accept one-time and automatic payments online. Quickly, easily and securely allow partners to access the information they need.

Paperless. Efficient. Smart.

Powering the Management Experience for Community Leaders

  • TownSq is available to 5 million board members and homeowners internationally.
  • C3 powers the finances and operations of more than 10,000 communities across the globe.
  • ATG Pay processes $500 million in payments each year.
  • ATG API is quick and secure—it only shares the data each partner needs.

Additional TownSq Benefits

TownSq is a single digital platform that offers the most complete and comprehensive suite of community management solutions. With a mission to connect neighbors and streamline operations and communications, TownSq delivers easy, proven, and collaborative tools and services designed to enhance property values and revolutionize the community living experience. 


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